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Meet The Residents - Sep 2014
We caught up with Bloomdale homebuyer Erin Prowd, to chat about her buyer experience and why she and her family have decided to call Bloomdale their new home. Erin Prowd never planned to build a new home but one look at the Bloomdale plans changed her mind completely.

"We were ready for a bigger home and Bloomdale's design, future plans and land prices appealed to us a young family," Mrs Prowd said.

"Bloomdale has been purposely designed to appeal to all kinds of families and with future development, such as a town centre, it also allows for future growth in the area. "The design of the estate ensures that a lot of heavy traffic will be avoided in most areas, and having a park just down the road and other recreation facilities only seconds away is another major benefit."

Mrs Prowd and her family have always lived in the Western Suburbs and knew Diggers Rest would be the perfect place to raise their family.

"Bloomdale will be our forever home and somewhere we will be happy for many years to come," Mrs Prowd said.