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What is the average lot size?

Approximately 440m2.

How many lots will Bloomdale have in total?

Approximately 1,400.

How do I find out about House and Land Packages at Bloomdale?

Visit our dedicated House and Land Packages page on our website.

Am I able to purchase a new completed home at Bloomdale?

No, not at this stage. However, in the future this is something Bloomdale would like to offer.

What are Design Guidelines?

The vision for Bloomdale is to provide a community with contemporary homes and attractive streetscapes. The Bloomdale Design Guidelines have been developed to ensure that all homes within Bloomdale create a harmonious streetscape and enhance the overall value of your home.

The Design Guidelines ensure that each home within Bloomdale incorporates a mix of external materials and finishes designed to promote quality design and a contemporary look and feel. The Design Guidelines also ensure that homes which provide a poor quality design outcome by incorporating features such as no eaves or dominant garages are not permitted.

The Design Guidelines aim to enhance the overall value of your home by ensuring that all homes built within Bloomdale are of a similar standard and quality.

What is a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP)?

It is a public document that outlines how land is to be used, land uses (including Employment Land), location of the Town Centre and the community infrastructure that will be delivered.

When was the Diggers Rest PSP approved by the Minister for Planning?

June 2012.

How many residential lots are included in the Diggers Rest PSP?

There are approximately 4,275 residential lots included in the PSP, providing a total population of approximately 11,970 people. This comprises approximately 3,997 conventional density lots, 244 medium density lots and 31 high density lots.

How much of the PSP relates to Bloomdale?

Bloomdale comprises approximately 1,400 residential lots in total, which is approximately 1/3 of the PSP area.

How long will it take to develop Bloomdale?

Bloomdale will commence development in mid-2013 and will be completed over the next 10+ years, subject to market demand.

The PSP indicates a Future Town Centre will be developed – what will it include?

The Future Town Centre is proposed to include a full-line major supermarket, service station, office space, community centre, medical centre and pharmacy, tavern and other specialty and convenience shops.

What is the timing on the Future Town Centre?

Yet to be determined.

How will the road network be impacted?

The following key points have been outlined in the PSP:
  • Vineyard Road will be widened
  • License Road to be extended
  • Plumpton Road to be upgraded
  • Car parking to be provided in the Town Centre
  • On street parking to be provided on access streets, main streets, connector street, etc
  • Cycle and walking paths to be included

What is the purpose of the Diggers Rest Development Contributions Plan (DCP)?

The DCP outlines a range of significant infrastructure investment to be made in Diggers Rest, including roads, intersections, community infrastructure and active open space.

Who is responsible for the community infrastructure as outlined under the Diggers Rest Development Contributions Plan DCP?

Council is responsible for this. AVID Property Group and other developers will be contributing land and funds for community infrastructure over time as outlined in the DCP, but Council is responsible for the delivery. Timing is yet to be determined.   

Why is the community called Bloomdale?

'Bloom' communicates that the development is growing and blossoming from an established base — the local village community.

The notions of growth inferred by 'Bloom' are aligned with the primary audience for the project — young and established families whose lives grow and blossom as children grow up.

'Dale' is a land suffix that refers to a flat or relatively low geographic region.