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Diggers Rest 23-year premiership drought over with close win
The Diggers Rest Football Club has come out on top this season, following a tense match against Riddell Football Club on Sunday, 18 September. The Burras took away a six-point win in overtime in front of a bumper crowd at Romsey Park.

The triumphant win comes after a long history of rivalry between the two clubs, who have competed in the grand finals five times over the past ten years; each year with Riddell taking away the trophy.

After three seasons of finishing as runners-up, the Burras are now at the top of the ladder for the entire season, where the team's top effort has seen them win 15 out of 16 games.

AVID Property Group is honoured to sponsor the Burras, who form part of the Diggers Rest community where AVID's Bloomdale community is currently under construction.

AVID Property Group General Manager of Victoria, Paul O'Brien said, "We are proud to be associated with the team and are absolutely thrilled with their success."

"It's wonderful to see that as the Bloomdale community grows, we are able to further support community groups such as the Burras. We look forward to another great season in 2017," he says.

The sponsorship provided by Bloomdale is used for club infrastructure and garnering community support that enables the team to stay ahead of their competition.

Chris Payne, Vice President of the Burras says "Thanks to Bloomdale, we've been able to bring in some amazing players from across Australia, including high calibre players with AFL experience which really helps to bring a spotlight onto the club."

The Burras recruited two former AFL players for this season, Cale Morton (Melbourne, West Coast) and Taylor Hine (Gold Coast, North Melbourne). Taylor Hine is also currently building a home in Bloomdale.

"Bloomdale is very supportive and active in promoting our team, which has brought in a lot of great community members to our club who love to get involved and are happy to volunteer," says Payne.