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Builder Profile - Simonds Homes - 30 June 2014

Clever design and quality workmanship are part of the package at Bloomdale - and this has a lot to do with Simonds Homes, who have been building the Great Australian Dream for 64 years.

"We are a family business, we build for families and we know what families need and require," Mr Simonds says. “Our aim is always to be the best builder."

This commitment to quality is reflected by their prominence in the field. Simonds has received eighty industry awards and now employs 410 people in various locations around Victoria.

At Bloomdale, Simonds has specially designed a range of parkside terraces and will also offer five 'express home' designs. Express homes are a refined, streamlined and affordable option that can be completed within 14 weeks.

Buyers will be able to experience a Simonds home for themselves in September, when the builder's Display Village home is completed. Simonds was one of the first builders to commit to the Display Village at Bloomdale and will be the first to start the building process at the estate.

For more information about Simonds Homes, please call Chris Boucher on

0403 083 171.