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Diggers Rest CFA - 30 June 2014

Defending the community from the elements is the aim of the game for the Diggers Rest Country Fire Authority. We caught up with First Lieutenant Stephen Hynes to find out what life's like for members of the local CFA.

The Diggers Rest CFA was established in 1969, when a handful of residents got together and approached the CFA to establish a fire station.

According to Mr Hynes, the result was a tin shed with an Austin fire truck and the formation of a brigade near the railway station.

"Today the brigade has offices, a kitchen, a large meeting room and workshops," Mr Hynes says.

"We now have 22 members."

The Diggers Rest CFA is extremely busy year-round. Over summer, when it comes to fighting large fires and supplying vehicles, the Sunbury, Bulla and Caroline Springs brigades support the group.

"Working together with other local brigades saves property and lives in the summer, but we're just as busy in the winter," Mr Hynes says.

"Last year, we attended a large number of fires in the cooler months, including grass and house fires and those resulting from road accidents."

Due to the large volume of fire fighting work, the Diggers Rest CFA is always on the lookout for new members.

"We are not just looking for active fire fighters, but brigade members who can undertake roles such as finance, secretary, fund raising and assistant positions," Mr Hynes says.

"Donations of any kind are always welcome."

If you have any further questions or are considering volunteering for the Diggers Rest CFA, please call
(03) 9740 1303.