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Pricing Disclaimer

Land Pricing

  • Pricing relating to Land is supplied by AVID Property Group.
  • Land Prices are accurate at the time of publishing AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT AVID Property Group's absolute discretion.

House Pricing

  • House pricing is provided indicatively by our builder team to assist you in short listing suitable homes within your nominated budget.
  • The pricing provided is intended to be “turn-key” and compliant with Bloomdale guidelines based on reasonable site based assumptions.
  • AVID Property Group. is responsible for the sale of the land only and will not be liable for any loss and damage arising out of or relating to the building contract and/or construction of the house

We strongly advise customers to consult with their nominated builder to determine accurate pricing before deciding to proceed with any transaction.

House pricing shown is based on:

  • Refer builders inclusions
  • Allowance for standard site costs (M Class slab, subject to site geotech report)
  • Allowance for one of the builders complying facades (the actual facade shown may not be included in the listed price)

House pricing shown does not include:

  • Landscaping, driveway or fencing costs unless otherwise stated (customers should consult their builder regarding these costs).
  • Stamp duty or any other fees or charges relating to the purchase of the land or house construction. 

House and Land Package Pricing

  • House and Land Package Pricing is based on a specific house and land combination. 
  • House and land are sold separately under separate contracts
  • Pricing relating to Land is supplied by AVID Property Group.
  • Pricing relating to homes is supplied by our builder partners.
  • House and Land pricing is indicative only and the housing cost component is subject to final tender by the relevant builder.

General Disclaimer

  • All drawings, photographs and images are for illustrative purposes only and may show items which do not form part of the house and land package.
  • Purchasers should confirm all plans, specifications, inclusions and pricing with Investa and the builder prior to contract.
  • All houses must comply with AVID Property Group's guidelines for design and landscaping.
  • All house designs are subject to Council and other authority approvals.
  • The price of the house and/or land and the plans, specifications and inclusions for the house are subject to change without notice and may also vary in circumstances provided for in the house or land contract.
  • Builder(s) reserve the right to change  plans, specifications, materials and supplies without notice for homes advertised on this website.
  • The content of this document has been derived in part from sources other than the AVID Property Group. and may be based on assumptions. In passing this information on AVID Property Group does not warrant that such information or assumptions are accurate or correct.
  • Please contact your sales consultant and/or builder for more information.

Please see the Consumer Affairs Victoria website for their due diligence checklist here